All That Jazz

How to dance through death with a fag in your mouth The story by Bob Fosse (represented in the film by Joe Gideon) – a Broadway choreographer, a man whose talents span both dance movements and women, a star who approaches his life with indulgence while no longer being able to stretch his muscles freely, […]

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Phantom Thread

In his latest release, Paul Thomas Anderson gives more light on his female characters showing that a loud, annoying man isn’t strong he’s simply full of himself.

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Czy kiedykolwiek marzyłeś, żeby przeprowadzono z tobą stosunek seksualny za pomocą seansu filmowego? No pewnie, żeś chciał. Ba! I żeś to pewnie, zjarusie, zrobił nie raz za pomocą nagrań pornograficznych. Chwała ci w skarpetę za to.

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Wild Wild Country

Netflix’s latest real-life series might be the perfect initiation for all deck hands who want to float on the wide oceans of documentary, but just don’t know how to catch the wind.

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